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AVENUE Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 Last Day! by Ocean Blackthorne on Flickr.

Strutin’ my stuff on the runway during the Avenue S/S Fashion Week ‘13.

Wearing an amazing design from the Teddy Rose Collection by Aliza Karu of [AD] Creations.

AVENUE S/S FW DAY 2 \ ZIBSKA by Nariko Okawa (Open for Clients - inquire within) on Flickr.

A snap from AVENUE S/S FW ‘13. I was caught backstage before the Zibska Show on Saturday (April 6, 2013)

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It’s that time of year again! That’s right Fashion for Life is back! 

Don’t know what Fashion for Life is? It’s a two-week event with tons of designers who make a few exclusive items for the event. The profits from those item sales go directly to the American Cancer Society. 

Do I have to buy? Can’t I just give $? Of course! You can make a donation directly to ACR in-world through kiosks or make donation directly on their website. 

There are a ton of bloggers who will blog the hell out of every item! I, instead, opted to share a few of my favorites from FFL. 

Check out this awesome sim design by Rebeca Bashly (click for fullsize): 

FFL '13 Sim - Colossus of Rhodes by Rebeca Bashly

This is the Colossus of Rhodes sim sponsored by Emo-tions (they’re at the top). Up legs, around the body and to the crown, you’ll find shops with exclusive items. Here you’ll find Emo-tions, Finesmith, BareRose and more! 

Check this shiznit out: Colossus of Rhodes

This is my favorite FFL sim design to date! What’s your favorite sim design so far?

More of my FFL favorites to come…stay tuned.